U.S. Marines

Marketing for the Marines underwent a big change beginning with the Gulf War. Gone were big special effects spots, in favor of gritty portraits of those going into battle. With peacetime over and war a reality, the challenge for Elite Warriors was greater than ever. And for 8 straight years, the few and proud exceeded all recruiting goals.

Event and Recruitment posters captured the attitudes of America’s premier fighters.

A CD Rom handed out at High School football games across the country. Each pocket-sized disc let you experience life in the Corps, through an interactive journey across a teenager’s bulletin board.

Silver_Pencil Silver. U.S. Marines. B2B. CD-Rom.


Bronze. U.S. Marines. B2C. Website.

A TV and web spot showing courage and sacrifice without saying a word.


Print ads showed the values gained along the 13-weeks of boot camp.

The Tuxedo Shop. The perfect place to target high school males, getting ready for Senior Prom, yet uncertain about their future.

To attract more rural recruits, the Marines moved into a new battleground; NASCAR. With the debut headline, “THE NEW. THE LOUD.”

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